Good Pills Review: Proud To Have 18 Years and Counting of Experience in The Online Pharmacy Business

Good Pills is a chain of pharmacies operating online that started in 2001. Their main offers are different brands of generic ED medicines among other medications. These medicines were manufactured in India hence most of the time, orders are shipped from India. Good Pills delivers worldwide.

At Good Pills, ordering an ED medicine is easy as they do not require a prescription. They assure their customers that these are effective and safe generic drugs from India. Before reaching you, these were tested and approved by the Indian Food and Drug Administration and the Drugs and Cosmetics Act of India 1940. Aside from offering budget generic ED drugs, they also offer a full money back guarantee to their customers and a support team that can answer queries.

Good Pills Reviews

In their page, Good Pills said that one of their main goals is to ensure customer satisfaction at its best. They want their customers to be happy and satisfied not only with the products they offer but also with the way these products are ordered and handled. To check if these promises are being met, we searched for Good Pills customer reviews.

Good Pills Customer Reviews

A few clicks on the internet gave us Piter, Barbara, Jacob, and Alex – four of the happy campers of Good Pills. Here are the things that they are saying about Good Pills and their experiences while ordering their meds:

  • Piter said he was happy with the delivery time and the way he was helped by the support team
  • Barbara said her order arrived on time and that she is 100% satisfied
  • Jacob said Good Pills is fast in delivering its promise and has supportive representatives that are willing to help
  • Alex said he liked the company for its overall service

With the stories that Piter, Barbara, Jacob, and Alex provided, there is no doubt that Good Pills will continue to help customers in another 18 years and more.

Good Pills Online

Good Pills Website

The offers of Good Pills are generic and branded medicines that anyone can avail even if they do not have a prescription. On their homepage, they say that they offer low-cost medicines, making them the World’s Famous Pharmacy.

There are three ways of searching for a medicine on this website. You type the name of the drug you need on the search bar, you can search it using the categories or you can click on the first letter of the medicine you need using the alphabet list at the top of their page. Once you found your medicine, add it to your cart and pay with your credit card. A credit card is the only mode of payment accepted at the moment.

For the delivery method, you can opt to have it shipped via regular Airmail for $9.95 or pay $10 more and have it delivered via EMS. EMS delivery takes up to 8 days while Airmail takes up to 21 days. Good Pills accepts a PO Box address as a delivery address. If your local post office doesn’t deliver in a Po Box address, you should not use a Po Box address to avoid delivery delays. Also, turned orders due to incorrect address won’t be shipped back by Good Pills. You have to pay another delivery fee to have it re-delivered to the correct address.

On their FAQ page, Good Pills says that all dispensed medicines from their e-stores are Food and Drug Administration approved. This network of online pharmacies is getting their products from Indian, Canadian, and US pharmaceutical companies.

Good Pills Coupon Codes

As of today, Good Pills has not released any coupon codes that their customers can use. A coupon code can be used to have more discount when buying online. It can be a monetary discount or a percentage discount off your total bill. Although they are not giving out coupon codes, they are currently giving out other benefits such as low p-priced medicines and fast delivery.

Good Pills Benefits

In addition to these, Good Pills also gives away pills on every order. Once you reach the checkout page, you can choose to have Levitra, Cialis or Viagra as your bonus pill. Two pills are given for free.

Qualified customers can also receive their orders free of shipping if their total purchase is $200 or above.

Good Pills Phone Numbers

Being able to talk to someone and vent out your frustration is one thing that most online shoppers want. When ordering online, check if the store you are dealing with has a number that you can call in case you encounter an issue. Good Pills want to ensure that all of their customers’ concerns are addressed hence they provided a phone support team. For your issues or concerns, you can dial 718-487-9297 and 4420-3239-7092. These are for their UK and US customers only.

Good Pills Contact Information

Perhaps in time, Good Pills can provide a toll-free number that anyone can use in order to talk to their support team. As of this writing, other customers that are not from the UK or the US can reach Good Pills via their ‘contact us’ page.

Good Pills Spam and Phone Calls

Spamming is not something that Good Pills is practicing for the sake of getting a customer. Good Pills knew that they don’t need it to win a customer. Besides, Good Pills and its alliance of online pharmacies do not save emails and phone numbers of their customers just for marketing purposes.


For the 18 years of world-class service that Good Pills is giving to its customers, we are giving it a 5-star rating. This pioneer in the online pharmacy business deserves such a rating because they have continuously provided excellent service to the customers worldwide.

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