Acid Reflux Symptom

Heartburn, or acid reflux, can be unpleasant and even painful at times. If you suffer from it on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to know how to combat its effects. If not, eating those spicy foods or anything with a high acid content will be an very uncomfortable experience for you. Furthermore, being able to recognize acid reflux symptoms before they become overwhelming will help you to limit the pain caused by heartburn, and allow you to keep eating your favorite dishes.

To start, let’s look at some acid reflux symptoms and a few different ways to treat those symptoms. There is a wide variety of treatments, ranging from over-the-counter to prescription medications. We will examine these in detail.

Acid reflux symptoms can range from mild to severe. It depends on each individual and, in fact, each individual meal that has been eaten or each type of beverage that has been consumed. An uncomfortable burning sensation in the chest is an extremely common acid reflux symptom. Starting in the stomach, it rises through the chest and all the way to the throat area. Considering the rise, it may seem like a good idea to send the pain back down with a glass of water, However, this idea is ill-advised: water will actually make heartburn worse. In this case, water will not put out a fire. As in the case of an electrical fire, it will make things more problematic.

Also be on the lookout for “sour stomach,” a similarly common acid reflux symptom. Depending on what you have eaten, the acids can irritate the contents of your stomach, passing the discomfort up through your body.

A good idea is to start the battle against acid reflux as soon as you notice it’s there. You will able to curb its effects and feel some relief in no time at all. In some cases you can make it disappear completely.

Of course, prescription medications can help you knock out acid reflux symptoms entirely, but they are not always necessary. Several over-the-counter remedies are up to the task and will keep your discomfort to a minimum. Tums, Pepto and Mylanta are all effective options and can be very easy to carry in your pocket. In each case, they work best when you take them as soon as you recognize the acid reflux symptoms and can start to control the effects.

As with any problem, the longer you wait, the worse the pain will become. Taking Tums or Mylanta before a meal is a good preventive measure. All things considered, the only way to eliminate heartburn entirely is to avoid all those problematic foods and drinks. If that isn’t possible, try the store-bought remedies before looking for a prescription.

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